Paraconic Technologies is a financial services and scientific consulting group with offices in London and New York. The Firm provides sophisticated quantitative frameworks to optimally harvest returns across macroeconomic cycles.

Our flagship product offers a modern approach to dynamic allocation across proprietary investment strategies – incorporating exclusive macro nowcasting signals, as well as a comprehensive set of fundamental and technical indicators.

Our research-focused team draws on long-term experience in hedge fund investing and brings together a unique set of complementary skills. Our core strengths include machine learning, macroeconomic research, factor modelling, multi-asset trading, and risk management.

Paraconic’s collaborative, principled research process allows us to propose high quality and novel alternative investment solutions to our clients.

Our Team

Founding Partners


Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa, Ph.D.

Yaser S. Abu-Mostafa is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the California Institute of Technology. His main fields of expertise are machine learning and computational finance. He is the author of Amazon’s machine learning bestseller Learning from Data. Dr. Abu-Mostafa received the Clauser Prize for the most original doctoral thesis at Caltech.

He received the ASCIT Teaching Awards in 1986, 1989 and 1991, the GSC Teaching Awards in 1995 and 2002, and the Richard P. Feynman prize for excellence in teaching in 1996. He was the founding Program Chairman of the annual conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS), and a founding member of the IEEE Neural Networks Council. He chaired the second and fourth international conferences on Neural Networks in the Capital Markets (NNCM-94 and NNCM-96), and the sixth international conference on Computational Finance (CF-99).

In 2005, the Hertz Foundation established a perpetual graduate fellowship named the Abu-Mostafa Fellowship in his honor.


Xavier Botteri

Xavier Botteri has 20 years of experience in financial research and investment management. Before founding Paraconic Technologies, Xavier was a Partner and Global Head of Research at Arrowgrass Capital Partners.

Xavier had been with Arrowgrass since inception in 2008. While at Arrowgrass with his team, he developed advanced factor models and macroeconomic nowcasters which have now been acquired by Paraconic Technologies. Previously, Xavier spent nine years at Deutsche Bank in proprietary trading and equity research, where he elaborated  sector-specific CROCI methodologies. His DB Team was ranked 1st in the Global Institutional Investor survey and 1st in the European Institutional Investor survey for four years in a row.

Xavier teaches corporate finance at Université Dauphine in Paris, France, in the Department of Mathematics & IT for Decision Sciences (MIDO). He is a board member of the Maurice Allais Foundation, the French institution that awards the Maurice Allais Prize in Economics every two years.

Board Member

Alexander James, Ph.D.

Alexander James, Ph.D., is an expert in empirical macroeconomic modelling and the application of statistical learning to quantitative investment strategies. Prior to co-founding Paraconic Technologies, he worked as a multi-asset strategist at Arrowgrass Capital Partners, where he developed a macroeconomic regime model using machine learning algorithms. Previously, Alex worked as a commodity and derivatives strategist at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

He holds a Ph.D. and master’s degree in economics from Northwestern University, where his research focused on commodity markets and empirical asset pricing. While at Northwestern, Alex taught international finance and consulted for Magnetar Capital and QRM. He also received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Georgetown University.

Advisory committee

Jacques Attali, Ph.D.

Jacques is a French economic and social theorist, writer, political adviser and senior civil servant, who served as a counselor to President François Mitterrand from 1981 to 1991 and was the first head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in 1991-1993.
In 1997, upon the request of French education minister Claude Allègre, he proposed a reform of the higher education degrees system. In 2008-2010, he led the French government committee on how to ignite the growth of the French economy, under President Nicolas Sarkozy.

He co-founded the European program EUREKA, dedicated to the development of new technologies. He also founded the non-profit organization PlaNet Finance and is the head of Attali & Associates (A&A), an international consultancy firm on strategy, corporate finance and venture capital. Interested in the arts, he has been nominated to serve on the board of the Musée d’Orsay.

He has published more than fifty books, including Noise: The Political Economy of Music (1985), Labyrinth in Culture and Society: Pathways to Wisdom (1999), and A Brief History of the Future (2006). In 2009, Foreign Policy recognized him as one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers in the world.

Nouriel Roubini, Ph.D.

Nouriel Roubini is a professor of economics at New York University’s Stern School of Business. He is also CEO of Roubini Macro Associates, LLC, a global macroeconomic consultancy firm in New York, as well as Co-Founder of Rosa & Roubini Associates based out of London. At a 2006 address to the IMF, Roubini warned of the impending recession due to the credit and housing market bubble. His predictions of these upside-down balance sheets became a reality during the 2008 global financial crisis.

Dr. Roubini has extensive policy experience as well as broad academic credentials. He was Co-Founder and Chairman of Roubini Global Economics from 2005 to 2016 – a firm whose website was named one of the best economics web resources by BusinessWeek, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and the Economist. From 1998 to 2000, he served as the senior economist for international affairs on the White House Council of Economic Advisors and then the senior advisor to the undersecretary for international affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department, helping to resolve the Asian and global financial crises. The IMF and the World Bank have drawn upon his consulting expertise.

He has published numerous policy papers on international macroeconomic issues and coauthored the books “Political Cycles: Theory and Evidence”, “Bailouts or Bail-ins? Responding to Financial Crises in Emerging Markets” and “Crisis Economics: A Crash Course in the Future of Finance”.

Dr. Roubini received an undergraduate degree at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, and a doctorate in economics at Harvard University. Prior to joining Stern, he was on the faculty of Yale University’s department of economics.